Self-Publishing Services

To those of you looking to self-publish we offer a number of services from editing to typesetting and cover design. We are not a self-publishing company – we are a traditional publishing company who also offers services to self-publishing authors.


Book Coaching – Assisting an author through the process of writing and publishing a book.
Editing – Helping the author finish, polish, and smooth out their work in preparation for publishing. We can provide developmental, line/substantive, or copy editing.
Typesetting – Preparing a manuscript for print through layout and formatting.
Cover Design – Creating cover art for your book.
Interior Design – Creating art or design elements for the inside of your book.

If you are interested in discussing one of these services with us please send an email to We can provide a quote based on your needs and discuss payment options.

Please understand: if you contract to have your work assisted by Insomnia Publishing we do not guarantee publishing through us or any other publisher.