A Time of Need: A Dark Eagle Novel by Brent Harris

A Time of Need: A Dark Eagle Novel by Brent Harris



In a change of fate, George Washington fights for the British and wrestles with his loyalties as he watches his countrymen struggle under the yoke of war. His nemesis, Benedict Arnold, seizes power and will stop at nothing to restore his family’s honor by driving the British out of the colonies.

Far from the halls of power, the men and women in the army face difficult and painful decisions about their loyalty. Families are torn apart, and brother turns against brother.

Brent A. Harris enjoys history, science fiction, and fantasy and is a Sidewise Award nominated author of alternate history. Previous works of speculative fiction have been published by Inklings Press, Rivenstone Press, and Rhetoric Askew. He has a degree in history with a focus in sociology and is pursuing an MFA in creative writing.

He currently resides in Southern California, where he’s lived long enough to think Joshua trees are in fact, real trees. When not writing, he focuses on his family, shuttling children around as a stay-at-home dad, while his wife serves as a Lt. in the USN.

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