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COCYTUS – PLANET OF THE DAMNED – Available through Insomnia Publishing


On the dark, snowy roads of western New York, Dante Carloman and Tina Phokas’s lives take a turn no one could have anticipated. The world around them erupts into a hellish landscape of combat as strange creatures clash with the US Army. Dante and Tina can only watch in horror as the alien force marches forward, laying waste to the soldiers around them.

Kidnapped and taken to a harsh, alien landscape the survivors must do whatever it takes to survive and escape their captors, including making friends with men and women from all over the world who have all been held captive, an artificial intelligence of questionable origin, and clones designed to emulate and destroy the human race.

Reviewers are saying:

I cannot say enough good things about this author’s writing style. The book is easy to read, even during times of heavy technical jargon. The characters have unique voices. The plot moves at a good clip, and provides enough thought provoking questions to stick with you for days to come.

Review by author Kathryn M. Hearst

Red Fist of Rome – Available on AMAZON.COM

Red Fist of Rome – Available through Insomnia Publishing


It is 455 AD, and the Roman Empire is at war with the brutal Huns. Their allies move in the shadows with plans that most certainly are not in Rome’s best interest.

Roman politics are cut-throat and ruthless. Emperor Valentinian’s desperation and desire for blood has him plotting against his most successful general, Flavius Aetius.

In the middle of this uncertain atmosphere, Tribune Lucius Bernius is cutting his teeth on his first command assignment. Destined for the front lines, he faces overwhelming odds with strange allies. The world around him is crumbling, and he faces the destruction of all he holds dear.