“Short” Story Call!

We have decided, as our inaugural project, to create together a “short” story collection of sci-fi/cyberpunk themed material. The reason “short” is in quotation marks is because we are actually looking for works between 5,000 words and 15,000 words! We expect the collection to be between 65,000 words and 80,000 words, and we will leave […]

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Why Everyone Gets a Cupcake

Authors are like a tray of cupcakes. Delicious, decadent, sinful, and everyone wants them. (And they add pounds if you eat them, but who’s counting?) When we see them brought into the office we immediately start arguing about who can have how many, and sometimes fights to the death break out. However the reality is that we cannot eat all the cupcakes alone. Nor should we try to!

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Holy Nerves, Batman!

We have finally done it. We have accomplished our dream of including our talented friends in a project we can all call our own. A project that will doubtlessly keep us, and others, up at night for hours unending.

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