Insomnia Publishing was born out of a conversation between two friends in college. In 2007 E. Prybylski and R. Belanger attended college at Southern New Hampshire University. Belanger, a business major, was discussing how wonderful it would be to be able to take all his creative friends and somehow make a business with them. Prybylski, a history major, agreed.

Several years and much industry experience later, Prybylski contacted Belanger and they reminisced about their old dream. Out of that conversation Insomnia Publishing began to take form.

Understanding the direction the publishing industry has been going as of late, Insomnia decided to distance itself from the traditional publishing model in some ways. Authors act as partners during the publishing process. While Insomnia, being that they are investing in the author, retains control over the process, they want the author involved in what is going on. This means regular updates, personal attention, and having the opportunity to provide input on things like cover design and layout.



R. Belanger

R. Belanger
Business Manager

Mr. Belanger has been in the business of selling, marketing, networking and engaging in innovative activities for as long as he can remember. He has an inherent talent for noticing creative skills in others and enjoys working with them to achieve their ambitions.

While Mr. Belanger spends most of his days helping others find outlets for their projects and inspiring others to tap into their creative side, he still finds the time for bass fishing, exploring state parks, and spending time with friends and family.




E. Prybylski, (c) Dan Dicenso 2011

E. Prybylski, (c) Dan Dicenso 2011

E. Prybylski
Creative Director

Mrs. Prybylski has been in the publishing industry since 2010 and has worked for other indie publishers as well as having done private, freelance editing on many books. She has also been involved in typesetting and cover design for multiple novels while in the industry.

When Mrs. Prybylski is not editing she is writing, doing artwork, and playing violin or cello to entertain her tolerant husband and three cats.






M. Ngai

M. Ngai

M. Ngai
Acquisitions Editor

Ms. Ngai is a writer and an artist. Previously, she worked as an editor for Gaming Bus and Divertir Publishing in addition to contributing short stories and poems to the odd collection here and there. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University’s creative writing program.

In between writing stories, drawing pictures, and editing manuscripts, she volunteers at a local church and plays the piano. She also reads up on random topics every day and, on occasion, plays video games.



J. Quivey

J. Quivey

Joshua Quivey

Mr. Quivey has been in the writing industry since 2011 as an editor and attended Monroe Community College, pursuing a degree in English. He has helped many authors pursue their writing goals and joined Insomnia in early 2015. In between manuscripts, Mr. Quivey spends time playing video games and gnawing on the bones of his fallen foes.





C. Frances

Christopher Frances
Web Developer

Mr. Frances is a computer programmer and web developer. When he is not writing lines of code or pulling his hair out staring at a WordPress site that refuses to cooperate, he is playing tabletop and video games with his friends or buried up to his eyebrows in a book. He has been involved in programming and web development since 2003 and has received his Master’s in Information Technology from Southern New Hampshire University.







C. Stratton

 C. Stratton
Design and Marketing

Ever the wandering mind, Mr. Stratton has been creating and imagining for years. He utilizes his creativeness by freelancing graphic design work. He also has been published for poetry, and humor is a major part of his creative arsenal. Having a wandering mind has aided his creativity, letting thoughts flow without being stifled with much rhyme or reason. There is potential for humor and inspiration everywhere with him.

Outside of his wanderings, he is a gamer across many mediums. He is also a reader, primarily of science fiction, and a lover of rock music.