The Perfect Present

Cover designed by Eve M. Roberts

Cover designed by Eve M. Roberts

First, we here at Insomnia would like to extend our holiday greetings to all of our friends. It’s been an amazing year as we have begun this journey toward incorporation and creating our company. Not to mention our first book!

We are releasing our first book, The Vanishing of Katherine Sullivan, in January. It’s been a long road to arrive here, and we couldn’t be more pleased or excited to have shared it with such a wonderful author. Tina Weaver has hauled the line as she worked with us to prepare her book for print, and we couldn’t imagine a better author to help us launch our company.

Over the last few months we’ve been finding all the bumps in the road we could find, but we’ve been smoothing the way for future projects as we discover all the things we thought we understood already. It’s been wonderful and exciting even though we’ve been up many long nights working and earning our title of Insomnia.

On a personal note I know I cannot express enough how thankful I am has our staff has been working so diligently on this first launch. Everybody from our cover designer, Eve Roberts, to our editors, myself and M. Ngai, and our business manager, R. Belanger have been working tirelessly to produce this book.

For all of us at Insomnia this is the beginning of a dream we started in college. When I first began to work on copyright page of the book it sunk in that this was real. We are doing this. All of us together are helping somebody achieve their dreams as well as accomplishing our own.

I, for one, could not be more pleased. This has been the most perfect Christmas gift I could have asked for.

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