Hello, hello! I know I haven’t been updating this as often as usual, and I apologize for that. Things are, however, taking off here at Insomnia. We are in the stages of finalizing our contract format and getting the contracts out to our short-story contributors. We have also been preparing our novel contract because we have our first manuscript. I am not going to announce that until we have the contract signed, since a contract isn’t signed until it is signed. However, we are extremely excited about all of these projects.

Recently I met up with our Business Manager, Richard Belanger, at Starbucks for a brief business meeting, and both of us couldn’t express enough how pleased we are with the progress we have made. Our friends on Facebook and Twitter have all been wonderfully supportive and helpful, and we couldn’t be happier with the authors we are signing.

I am going to be taking a summer break from my daily Q&A at Eat Sleep Write in order to focus on Insomnia’s growing list of priorities. However, I will still be doing my monthly podcast with Adam Scull where we sit down and discuss aspects of the publishing industry. The series is called “Life in the Publishing Fast Lane”, so make sure you tune in and keep an ear out for that.

In addition to all of these exciting developments we are also working on putting together an online workshop series about various aspects of publishing and writing. If you are interested in that please let us know what kind of topics you’d like to see a seminar cover, and we will be sure to listen.

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