The Road Less Traveled

Road Less TravelledI spent about two hours on the phone with an author earlier today discussing his book and his concerns about the publishing industry. He’s come from a background of researching the music industry and seeing how poorly they treat people looking for contracts, and I had to say I agreed with him. Traditional publishing (even indie publishing) has many pitfalls for authors, and it’s difficult to know who to trust.

I’ve been in the publishing industry for almost five years now, and I have seen how hard it can be for authors to get a fair shake. The world of writing is almost as cutthroat as the world of music, and that says something. It’s difficult to believe that art can be so difficult to break into, and it’s a tragedy that so many writers are taken advantage of.

I’ve written endlessly in my Q&A’s on Eat Sleep Write about how difficult self-publishing and publishing are, and it’s difficult to handle that disillusionment for many writers. I’ve seen many people decide against publication because of how ugly the business end of the world can be. I’ve also had to talk many authors out of giving up writing entirely because they’ve encountered people who have treated them like second-class citizens.

I think that has to be the reason why I’ve decided to make sure Insomnia Publishing is different. We are the road less traveled; we have the business knowledge and the skills to make books stand out from the crowd, and we have the drive to be moral and kind to authors. First and foremost I am a writer. I am passionate about what I do, and the other editor feels the same. Our business manager is one of the most upright people I know, and we all agree that we wanted to make a publishing company that we would sign with if we were to find them.


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